Jeanette Harris Concert Dates

Jeanette Harris is currently on tour in support of her latest album Chocolate Vibez, and she will bring some friends along on some of the dates.  Some of the artists include; Pieces of a Dream, Marion Meadows, Nils and Bob Baldwin.  She will also perform at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in April.

If you want to look ahead, Jeanette will also be on stage at Elon Trotman’s Barbados Jazz Excursion.

Check out the Jeanette Harris concert dates below.  We will fill in the ticket information as we receive them.

Jeanette Harris Concert Dates


January 8th – Seal Beach, CA

January 14 – Fontana, CA

January 15 – San Diego, CA

February 18 – San Antonio, TX w/Marion Meadows

March 12 – Louisville, KY w/ Nils & Bob Baldwin

March 30 – San Antonio TX w/Pieces of a Dream


March 31 – Houston, TX – w/Pieces of a Dream

April 1 – Dallas, TX

April 21 – Panama City, FL

August 26 – San Francisco, CA

October 6 – Barbados


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