Trey Songz On Tour

Of the crop of the current R&B singers, I will say that Trey Songz is among the best.  He has a nice tone, and overall, he has quality songs.  For me, Can’t Help But Wait is his signature song, but there are others that have a nice groove.  One song that you may have slept on, is Out Of My Head, the Lupe Fiasco song from his Lasers album.  The other collabo you may want to check out is Hood Love, off of the Mary J Blige album, Stronger With each Tear.  Ok, one more…..Paranoid, the remix is by Ty Dolla$ign is a good one also.

Enough about the older stuff.  Songz released the album, Tremaine on March 24th, and if you like his musical style, this will be an album you will enjoy.

Here is a sample…Nobody else But You.

Trey will be on tour this summer to support the album.  Right now, we are looking at May and June, but that can change.

Here are a few of the dates:


You can see the entire schedule here:

Trey Songz On Tour

You can pick up the album here:



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